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How much time are you spending on your booking efforts? AvailsBot was designed for Comedians, Bands, Hip Hop Artists, Speakers or any other Entertainer that wants to maximize their booking efforts.

Your Personal Digital Agent

AvailsBot is an easy to use feature rich service for EntertainersThe AvailsBot service can be your personal digital agent. Unlike a human, AvailsBot works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. AvailsBot never forgets, is on time every day, never needs a break or asks for a vacation.

Here is just some of what the AvailsBot service will do for you:
  • Send your available dates
  • Contact venues you'd like to work
  • Confirm your upcoming dates
  • Send thank you emails

All of these things can be done at whatever date and time you choose. They can also repeat at a frequency of your choice with or without an expiration date! All of this and none of the messages that you send will look like they are automated. They look like you personally took the time to type them!

To see a full list of AvailsBot features click here.

What Users Say About AvailsBot

Todd - Comedian
I have been using Availsbot for about 4 months now. I first thought if it gets me one more gig or club then it is worth it.

I have been sending my own avails to bookers and club owners for years. Sometimes they don't answer, sometimes I forget the last time I sent them or figure since I haven't heard back from them that they don't want to book me or for whatever reason are not responding.

Since I put most of them, not all because some are more personable or have their own way of booking, I have had responses from several that I have never heard from before to book a gig or club, and a few have responded back for bookings that I use to book with.

The best part of it is that I just set it up, keep updated on my open dates for my calendar and it sends out emails whenever I have it set for. Some 2 weeks, some 3 weeks, some once a year. It has already paid for itself.

Whatever can help me take away some of the emails and booking process so I can focus more on writing comedy or marketing myself better so that I can become better at what I do, whatever that is..... Comedy, Writing, Acting, VO's etc.... Thank you for it!!!! Try this Availsbot!!!! it is only going to get you more work, even if it is ONE GiG..... It just paid for itself
Gabriel - Comedian
I use Availsbot and I love it. First of all it's important to know this isn't some program that just SPAMS bookers and comedy clubs. It works with the email address you already have and what it does do is keep me organized. If I want to email my avails to a booker every 2 months I can set that up to happen automatically. Another booker I want to email every 6 weeks? I can set that up. I don't even have to think about it because the Availsbot calendar keeps track of what dates I have available. If I want to send an introduction email to someone I've never worked for before I can set that up with too. Send it once, or send it every week for the rest of their life if you really want to annoy them. (Don't do that.) If a booker says back contact me in 3 months I can set that up now and not worry about forgetting in 3 months. Let me put in terms a comedian understands. Wouldn't it be a nice feeling to wake up at noon and realize Availsbot had sent out several booking emails for you while you were asleep?
Leif - Comedian
I have used the "Bot" for two years, and it has more than paid for itself. I can honestly say that over the two years the "Bot" has gotten me thousands of dollars worth of work, that I would not have received otherwise.

Like many of us, my booking focus can be sporadic (to say the least) once I sick the "Bot" on bookers, the program does all the e-mails for me without me having to remember or even lift a finger. I can set it for e-mails going out weekly, monthly, annually, at specific times of the day etc. and then forget about it while I go about my business doing other important things.

I've put as many bookers and agents, on the "Bot" with a link to my web site, as I can, and as a result, every so often I am surprised by a return e-mail offering me work, from a booker I may never have worked for, or had long ago given up on.